Shipping/DOA Policy

We ship FedEx four days a week, typically Monday to Thursday. Saturday arrival is too risky for us.

We offer Southwest Cargo daily, shipping collect (pay at the airport), ranging from $55 to $120 on average.

Our DOA policy is standard for the Aquarium hobby. Experienced online shoppers will find it common sense; newcomers will find it straightforward.

Step 1:
After order confirmation, we'll schedule a shipping date (same-day shipping isn't available). We aim for a convenient arrival date. If you're unavailable, we can ship to a local hub or your workplace.

Step 2:
We cover DOA (dead on arrival) with Priority overnight/Southwest Cargo. Notify us within 2 hours of arrival. Send 3 clear photos of the unopened bag for DOA claims. Follow our instructions; 2-3 post-bag photos are needed. Failure voids DOA.

Step 3:
For DOA, we credit the fish (not shipping) towards a future purchase. Shipping paid again for replacements or future credit.

Please note: Our Live arrival guarantee doesn't cover delays by shippers or mishandling. DOA policy covers live fish, food, decor, not shipping costs. Be mindful of extreme temperatures; consider shipping to FedEx hubs.

Our DOA policy guarantees live arrival; care and research are on you. We're here to enhance your shopping experience.